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Foundation Foundation
Product name:Foundation
SteelVilla Foundation System:

1. The foundation base:
There are three types of foundation, the strip, the slab and the pile.  All the foundations are made by the ferroconcrete and we will offer the detailed technical drawing on that. And we suggested the client to do the foundation work during the materials on ship to save time.
1.1. The strip foundation for the steel villa building system is the type we suggested and it is the fastest and most economical way. This is very easy and without pipeline build-in work.
1.2. The slab foundation system is the most popular way, as most people think it is the strongest. It needs build-in work both for the pipeline.
1.3. The pile foundation system is for the insects, humid, or resorts.

2. The connection:
The conncetion between the walls and the foundation is by bolt as the popular ways for all the structurebuildings. And there are two ways to conncet the bolts to the ferroconcrete.
2.1. Build-in: embeds the bolts by the drawing into the cast-in-place concrete. It is the strongest way but requires the skilled workers and accurate operation. But steelvilla system can be easily to fit the bolts if there was any mistake.
2.2. Chemical bolts: It is fast and easy way without any embedment work. It can be 100% fit for the prefabricated work of the wall connecting channel and the prefab holes on that.
2.3. For the one floor house, we can also use the foundation screw instead of the traditional foundation work.

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