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Multi storey prefab building

Multi storey prefab building Multi storey prefab building
Product name:Multi storey prefab building

As the most advanced light steel structure building system in the prefab building field, the SteelVilla websteel building system has been successfully used in residential, industrial and commercial applications worldwide. The SteelVilla websteel building system answers many concerns for fast, low cost, emergency and luxury housing around the world.


SteelVilla websteel Floors Systems:

The SteelVilla websteel Floor joists allows builders and contractors to utilize the space in between the top cord and the bottom cord in the steel structure to place mechanical work such as electrical, plumbing and air distribution systems within the joist itself. Eliminating the need for boxing in of mechanical work, allowing for clean ceilings and increasing ceiling headroom. The SteelVilla websteel floor joists have been designed to meet current building code requirements.



SteelVilla websteel Walls Systems:

The SteelVilla websteel wall component is superior to C Channel building method in thermal performance eliminating the expense of having polystyrene sheathing on the exterior. As typically specified in C Channel applications due to inferior thermal performance and current code requirements to stop thermal bridging. As well mechanical work to the web steel system such as electrical, plumbing can be installed within the wall cavity without drilling or cutting holes.


SteelVilla websteel Roof Systems
The patented SteelVilla websteel roof truss as most important components for the prefab house, are designed lightweight, to fold down for shipping, allowing for cost effective deliveries. The SteelVilla websteel Truss achieves greater spans than other conventional truss system, capable of clear spans up to 50+ feet and is compatible with all types of traditional load bearing wall construction. SteelVilla websteel trusses offer one of the highest load-capacity-to-weight ratios of any building especially the prefab building systems component on the market.


SteelVilla websteel Roof Rafters

The patented SteelVilla websteel roof rafters, combined with the truss, allow for complex applications on roof designs and finishes. Also achieving greater spans than other conventional building systems. 



The SteelVilla websteel system can be used as an alternative or as an integral component in wood or “C”-channel framing. Steel framing procedures are much the same as conventional framing, using similar tools, but with different attachments. The main tools used in framing are tin snips, a screw gun, and a circular or chop saw by substitution abrasive wheels for wood cutting blades.



Construction workers who know how to use a power drill will have no trouble with the SteelVilla websteel System assembly, it is as simple as that.


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