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Benefit of the steelvilla light steel structure

Author:integrated house Date:2013/7/14 10:08:44
There needs some breaking, thousands of years, generation by generation, we lived in the bricks and concrete, taking the warm and suffering together. Is there any ideal house for us without any suffering, especially when the natural disaster?
As a fast developing technique in construction industry, gaining positions, the steelvilla light steel structure and the integrated house system not only in the industrial premises construction, but also in the residential sector.
Benefits from the Light Steel Structure Construction
  • Financial
  • Enviromental
  • Benefits in Construction
Financial Benefits
  • Lower price – lower capital investment
  • 2-3 times faster than traditional reinforced concrete structure
  • No limit to land surface and efficient use of land
  • Highly durable –long life
Environmental Benefits
  • Energy saving – heat transfer coefficient k=0.24w/sq.m.k
  • Avoid thermal bridge in walls, floor and roof
  • Water saving – more than 90% saving
  • Low waste – no pollution
  • Sound insulation: walls-51db, ceiling-78db
  • Use almost entirely recyclable materials
  • Low dust pollution - in city construction
Benefits in Construction
  • Efficient use of architectural area – 8-10% improved space usage
  • Anti-earth quake – soft and light structure reduce the influence of earthquake
  • Anti-wind – strong stracture
  • Light self-weight – lighter than 1/4 - 1/6 of traditional reinforced concrete structure
  • Builds up to 4-6 floors
  • Extended choice of external decorative finishes