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FAQ of the assembly work of the light steel structure prefab houses

Author: Date:2014/5/23 14:14:01
Q: Who will organize the labor locally?
A: If the prefab house project less than 1000 square meter, we suggest the user organize the labor locally to save the traveling cost and accommodation cost. 
Q: What kind of the labor or skilled worker needed?
A: there is no specialist or skilled worker needed since all the work is easy. Only one engineer who can read the drawing and guide the team is OK.
Q: How and where I can find the assembly team?
A: Any regular construction team is OK. If you need help we can contact the cooperated team for you or we can help you to check the team which you found whether they can finish the work or not.
Q: Who will take the cost of the labor to assembly the light steel structure prefab house?
A: The cost of the labor should be paid by the user.
Q: Who will guide or train the labor?
A: We will guide and train your workers on your building site or in our factory.
Q: How the manufactures offer the technical support?
A: 1. We can send you engineer if you needed to your site as supervisor to guide the work and train your technician. 2. We can support you via the video, E-mail, phone or other ways.
Q: Who will manage the team and make the schedule?
A: We will discuss the schedule with your local manager and make a plan.