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FAQ of the flat-pack container house

Author:Container house Date:2013/12/10 15:46:44

Q: Are you using a fully enclosed shipping container unit (like export/import) or are you just referring the container frame floor ?

A: The flat-package container house we mentioned is not the real sea shipping container. And also under bellowing, we will not discuss the real sea shipping container, when we say container house that means the flat package container house from our factory with steel frame and sandwich panel wall and roofing panel, except we mentioned specially.

Q: How is the thickness of the cement lab foundation for the container house and over how much area ?
A: 4-6 CM. It is the thickness for the cement lab for the foundation, It will cost less.

Q: Do we need deep and strong cement and steel work, to carry the majority of the weight?
A: There is no need too much cement work, because the house is light(about 2Ton for each 14square meter)

Q: As an earthquake region so we have to build strongly with double glazed windows and wall and ceiling framework all strong !
A: Our container house is light and it is like a box, it is earthquake proof.

Q: if we use shipping container we already have the floor, walls and roof requirements in place and we just need a concrete base ?
A: Yes, the container house from us(not the real sea shipping container) is with roofing, floor, wall just like a box and you can see the “container house” on the website.

Q: what is the benefit of flat-pack container house and is it strong? 
A: The benefit is: fast installation (two workers can install 30 square meters per day), easy to move, no need to process on site, no base requirements…  But it used as economical house for low-incoming people, as holiday house, labor house, temporary office and other cheap options.

Q: external roofing and ceiling panels (is there any light steel included) ?
 A: Yes, there is.

Q: walls (is there any light steel included) ?
A: Yes, there is and there is some big beams in each corners and edges.
Q: floor (we will assume the base material is concrete) so what are the various levels of flooring from concrete layer to top layer (what we walk on) ?
A: The container house(not the real sea shipping containers) from us are all with the base itself, you need only the flat land, or if you want the land clean you can make a very thin cement before putting the container house.

Q: what is the UV rating of the roofing top layer steel ?
A: The roofing steel sheet is stoving varnish process same like the car painting, so the UV rating is very high, do not worry about it.
Q: what is the life-time expectancy of the steel roof ?
A: The life-time of the steel roof and house is more than 30 years.

Q: will the flat-pack option include high quality (HQ) powder coated aluminium double glazed windows ?
A: It is optional and we will give you the alu window with double glass, we have a very big window and door factory under our group.

Q: Will the flat-pack include HQ insulation to guard against the extreme cold and extreme heat ?
A:  Yes, there are some insulation materials inside glass wool or rock wool(it is optional). If you have very good weather, the insulation can meet your requirements easily.

Q: Will the flat-pack offer under-floor heating ?
A: We are sorry for that it doesn’t include the under-floor heating, usually, the users are with A/C.
Q: Will the flat-pack offer aircon or heat pump ?
A:  The flat-pack does not includes the aircon and heat pump, since we do not know what the clients prefer, but you can buy locally and it is easy to install.

 Q: Does the flat-pack come with an already completed outside wall layer or do we have to add a plaster, brick or wooden board layer to finish ?
A: It is with the complete outside wall layer as what attached. And also if you want to do the decoration yourself, you can and we will offer you only the rough house.

Q: I saw several companies that offered the flat-pack option and they did not impress me because they did not look like a product. The standard and standard appeared to be very low, and based on that, please tell me what is the differences your product showed?
A: We can send you some document to clarify.

Q: can the flat-pack module be adapted to act as a 2-level structure - yes or no ?
A:  Yes, you can stack them up to 3 floors, also can be more floors but need more strong beams and structures for each container house(Not real sea shipping container).
Q: is there some form of additional strengthening that can make it a 2-level module - yes or no ?
A: there are some reserved holes in each top corner, you should only use the bolts to connect