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FAQ of the web-steel structure

Author:prefab house Date:2013/11/8 11:45:58
How many floors can web-steel system build?
No more than 7 floors; if more than 7 floors we will design the structure with more strong frame structure to meet the load.

How much steel needed for a standard and general prefab house?
With our design and experience, averagely speaking, the steel structure weight is about 18kg-30kg/square meter (building area).

How long does the steel structure last?
The web-steel structure and the fitting parts are galvanized, the tube is seamless, also they are covered by the layered structural panels in the airtight environment. It will be not rusty, not be vermiculate, so it can last for 70year at least.

Is it the steel structure safe?
Yes, with the performance of high strength, fireproof, light weight, and earthquake proof…, the light steel structure prefab buildings can protect your family much more than the traditional house.

Is the web steel structure can be recycled?
Yes, it is the concept of green house, the steel structure can be moved to other house as structure, the steel structure also can be from six scraped car. But for a same 200sqm wooden house, about 50 trees needed.

Is there any pollution of the light steel structure?
No, the general circulation rate of steel is about 66%. So it is good choice to use light steel structure to build your house with less steel and the leftover can be recycled.

Is it better performance on the energy saving?
Yes, the light steel structure building system is recommended by almost the governments, since its 30%-60% better energy saving performance. The high design standard, precise size of each parts, no cracking, better air tightness that makes the house save much energy.

Why the light steel prefab building system can save energy?
The light steel structure wall, roofing and floor system do not affected by the outdoor temperature and humidity. So the heat exchange is less between the indoor and outdoor, the A/C system works more efficiently.

How about the using space with the light steel structure building system?
The strength of the strong steel can be designed much bigger span than the traditional construction method. It can save some space for the walls.

How is the earthquake proof performance of the light steel structure prefab house system?
There is much strong resistance to the earthquake and hurricane since the strength of the steel and the reliable connections. The toughness of the steel is the best choice for the earthquake proof design.

Why lethality of the light steel structure building system is less than the traditional building system’s?
Because the gravity of light steel structure is light, the steel structure cannot brittle failure, people are not be hurt by it.

How about the cost of the prefab light steel structure?
The quantity of steel for light steel structure is small; there is less effect by the steel price. Also there is at least 1/3 labor less than the traditional method. The light steel structure building method is more economical than the traditional.

Does the steel structure go moldy?
No, the steel structure is not organics; the air liquidity is good since the wall can breathe.

Does the light steel structure system deteriorate the air quality?
No, the steel structure is without any chemical pollution,no special chemical materials needed to protect the steel structure. No adhesive needed.

Does the light steel structure house can be rebuilt?
Yes, since its big span, there is less bearing structure,much space for the partition wall for redesign and rebuilt.

How is the exterior finishing of the light steel structure prefab building?
It can be same as the traditional houses; not only all the traditional finishing materials, but also there are many other options for the exterior decoration with the new materials.

Is the light steel structure house safe when there is lightning stroke?
Yes, the steel structure is more safe than the traditional since it can conduct the lightning to the ground directly, it reduced the exploding and fire disaster.

What we covered the steel structure?
As the steel structure building are by layered structure, the structural panel can be cement board, cement fiber board and also OSB board, interior finishing can be gypsum board or other new materials.