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Light steel structure prefabricated house introduction

Author:integrated house Date:2013/7/20 14:54:51
Building exhibits an era of national productivity levels. Architecture is not only a place for human shelter, but also marks an era of civilization like the silent song of the poem without words. From ancient times, a building was engraved with the marks of the history of each era. After entering the steel era, we ushered in a society with its mass production era, in what has been called the modern society, every industry is improved in times. Architecture whether is as a professional engineering technology or a culture of art, they should take the road of sustainable development.
First, the evolution of history 
Cold-formed light steel structure residential system is cold work hardening of galvanized steel keel instead of centuries extremely mature wood wooden keel structure and formed the new building systems. The structure change makes the building structure stronger, the technical design easier, self-weight lighter. There is without the problem of environmental protection, worms eaten, flammable, cracking and other issues. After 20 years of development in developed countries, cold-formed light steel structures inherited all the advantages of wooden structure and abandoned the deficiencies and shortcomings of the wooden structure, both in theory and in practice. Especially the United States, Finland, Canada, New Zealand and other developed countries are forming strict norms and forming the theoretical basis, summarized and accumulated lot of experience from lot of practice and experiments. In these countries, this system has been widely used, and trending to replace the traditional architectural.
Second, the design revolution
Despite the cold-formed light steel takes the design static load design, but in the design of steel structures, a certain range of instability is allowed, and instability does not mean losing the bearing capacity (loading) of the structure. Rather, since the deformation of the steel makes the yield strength increased, the result is increasing the strength of the material, and then increased structural strength, also makes the whole system more stable. This way in the traditional brick structure is absolutely not allowed. During the production, the beams, plates, columns and other parts are accordance with uniform standards, made into standardized components; During construction and assembly, organizing the standardized components according to their needs in any combination; the components connection, we using a unique connector to make the whole system to be a strong "nest", which can resist strong winds and earthquakes, to avoid the danger and save people’s life. Although there will be visible deformation of the structure when get the external force,as what we mentioned hereinbefore,this variation would turn increase the structural strength to resist such deformation. This structure makes the building stand strong in any case.
This material change is revolutionary in the building design, it changed the traditional idea: the design depends on the structure. In cold-formed light steel structure housing system, the wall and the floor system is equal to a high truss, as a girder. It brings the flexibility to the architectural design, no longer subject to the restrictions of loading and force. Meanwhile, the floor is equivalent to girder, so that the building's ability to resist horizontal loads is increased, it is helpful for earthquake proof and wind proof. Structural design is flexible and varied architectural styles, the architects can take much space of the imagination and creative opportunities.
Since the changes of building materials and the easy processing performance of steel, the design can be standardized, modular and industrialization. All the pipeline can be hidden in the structure both the wall structure and the floor structure, also can take more interior space utilization. With this system, the design can meet all the customers’ individual requirements to satisfy their personality, humane needs.
Third, the revolution of the engineering
As the cold formed light steel structure building system, the structure and the sub-structure system are not the concrete, brick work, the engineering become more environmentally friendly, clean and civilized. As the main materials are easily processing and modular work, the all the parts are produced in the factory with the standardized components and assembly on site by the drawing. It changed the traditional building way, 2/3 faster than the traditional and reduce much labor and time cost.
As the design of standardized, modular, the production and the assembly become the low-tech and low-skilled work to be a simple repetition labor. The product quality is easy to control. Meanwhile, because the construction is simplified, the construction costs are reducing. The engineering does not produce any pollution to the environment, it is total green construction.
Fourth, the changes of the building materials and the maintained materials 
The replacement of concrete and bricks to be light steel structure makes the weight of construction 4/5 less that means the cost of the foundation is reduced much. Because of high strength of the steel, the quantity of the steel for the construction is less. The reduction of steel leads consumesing less energy during the production. The cold-formed light steel instead of brick, cement, can reduce land digging to protect the human living environment.
Since using of new materials and optimization of new composite wall, as well as the reasonable design, the thickness of the exterior wall is much thinner than the brick and the concrete wall. The effective use of space increase 15 % ~ 20% than the same area of the brick building.
The application of acoustic material reducing the thickness of the wall to be 15cm-20cm, but it can be passed the international noise standards. Although the structure is the cold-formed steel structure and the standardized components, with the new materials, especially the decorative materials, the construction can be various styles.
With the respiration of the materials, the house can not only resist heat radiation, but also be with good ventilation, like: wall breathing performance. This makes the occupants feel very comfortable.
Fifth, energy-saving and environmental protection The main part of the energy consumption of the building- thermal conduction loss of the building is the main part, compact materials (such as: concrete, brick wall) are faster heat transfer, more heat loss than the porous material (such as: fiber products, polymer foam material). The wall panel of the light steel structure system is the cold-formed steel, which can be molded type of expanded polystyrene (MEPS), extruded polystyrene (XEPS) and ethyl carbamate (eg : polyurethane and isocyanurate) with the polymer foam material at site, it can reduce the wall heat conduction losses. Meanwhile, the foamed polymer material is making the wall seamless, no air convection. Leaks and cracks in the building caused the loss of the heat convection, some documents show that the energy loss caused leakage of air takes the 15% ~ 30% work of the A/C, the molding production process of the wall penal makes doors, windows and wall seamless connection, the air leakage is almost zero. Unidirectional breathing paper in the exterior wall can reduce the air convection. In order to solve Heat Bridge effect, the preformed hole on the structure reducing the thermal conductivity of the metal. Cold-formed light steel uprights combine residential system, which reduces the number of columns, strengthened the overall stiffness of the structure, and its combination solution with the insulation materials reduce the thermal resistance and heat loss, which both can save steel and energy conservation. Ventilation is the another heat consumed for the building, in the cold-formed light steel housing system, the fresh air go into the building have to undergo preheating in the breathing wall into a specially designed ventilation system, then exhaust the air from the roof ventilation outdoors, reduced the heat consumption, also keep the indoor air fresh. In the cold-formed light steel residential system, the wallboard, floor, roof forming in the mold production process, so solar panels, light panels can be embedded in, that means the new technology is east to fit. "Concrete jungle" consumes much energy, damage the environment much. Imagine, reinforced concrete high-rise residential reaches its useful life, is entirely a pile of rubble, need a place to bury, would cause environmental damage. The cold-formed light steel housing system, once it reaches its useful life, most materials can be recycled, some non-recyclable materials can also be incinerated, which produces heat can service of humanity. Cold-formed light steel system components entirely produced in production plant, the installation site is only assembly work like the block games, no waste, no pollution, no damage to the environment. In all, the system of cold-formed light steel structure is energy saving and flexible residential system, no doubt, it will push the housing industrialization process all over the world.