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Steelvilla in Wikipedia

Author:Steelvilla Date:2013/12/22 8:51:44

1. Definition: “steelvilla” as a nonregular compound word is from “steel villa”, it is short for “light steel structure prefabricated villa”. In general, it means light steel structure prefab houses/homes/buildings.
2. Classification:
1). from structure system: there are many systems of steel structure, the immethodical & irregular steel structure system, the “C” Channel system and web-steel (steel tube) system. Now and these years, the last one is more and more popular and acceptable.
2). from applications: steelvilla can be widely used as residential house including the villa, townhouse, apartment and so on. Also it is widely used for commercial and public buildings, like: shopping mall, office building, hospital and school.
3. Advantages:
1). Green and Environmental Protection, as a new innovative and green concept, this idea is without much construction waste and most work is dry, saving more than 95% water than the traditional idea.
2). Insulation: as the concept is layered structure, the house can be filled with glass wool or mineral wool into the structure. And for the clod and hot area, in the exterior wall, under the outer decoration layer, there can be also another insulation panel with EPS or XPS material, that makes the building much better insulation with R=2.53(m2.k)/w, heat transfer coefficient, K=0.278w/(m2.K) in general, it is at least 1/3 energy saving than the traditional.
3). Sound proof: the testing of the web-steel structure shows the non-bearing wall air-borne sound insulation volume, Rw=50dB, and bearing wall air-borne sound insulation volume, Rw=51dB, all of which demonstrate that this structure achieves great thermal insulation and sound insulation performances.
4). Fireproof: as the steel structure is with very high burning temperature and the layered materials are with very good fireproof performance, the fire resistant time of the web-steel structure is 2 hours and a half, which abides by the international fire-prevention regulations.
5). Earthquake proof: the light steel structure prefab house is more strong and less lethal damage as it is with the ductility of the steel, the connection fold and light weight. The testing report from shows the earthquake proof of the web-steel system can be to 9 degree.
6). Labor saving: as all the items are produced in the factory and the installation work is very easy without any heavy equipment, and it changes the traditional way to build. There will be at least 1/3 labor and time saving during the construction process.
4. Disadvantages:
1). Not strong enough when get the slam hit.
2). The exterior decoration should be maintained.
3). Some countries or regions do not accept the standards and need to get the approval from the government.