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Suggestions to the end-users

Author:prefabricated house Date:2013/11/8 12:46:38
1). Go to a good designer or architectural firm,who can understand you well, finish your drawing under the local standards.

2). Submit your plan of your house to the registry authority, the plan will be approved or asked to do the modification.

3). You find the supplier, check their Qualification and Capacity. The most important thing you should distinguish the difference, the advantages and disadvantages of the systems of the prefab house they use. Now the popular systems are: square tube system (websteel system), channel steel system ("C" or "U" light steel system), wooden system, welding steel structure system and other nameless systems.

4). When prepare the materials of the prefab home, please get the requirements from the import customs May they require all the materials with the SGS certificate, CE certificate or others for the structure, panels or other decorative materials.

5). Also consider the standards of the electricity and water system, the best solution we suggest: ask the supplier send you only pipe without wire and any other ends. You can buy from local market to meet your standards.

6). Do not ask your suppliers to send you all the items with brand, since maybe there will be some problem when you apply to the customs or clean the customs.

7). For the foundation of the steel structure house, we suggest the end-users to prepare the materials and do the foundations work locally by the drawing offered by your supplier. Because 1, the foundation work is easy as it is the strip foundation and not deep for the light steel house. 2. To save the shipping and the labor cost. 3. It is very helpful to perform the Municipal Pipelines as all the works are under your local standards.

8). The installation work for the steel structure house, we can send you a supervisor to guide your local workers to do the installation work. It is very easy, some clients they do not need the supervisor even. Because if we send you the labors, it will cost you more on tickets and accommodation.

9). Please also consider the seasons and the weather, if there is too cold or too hot, it is not good for work. We suggest you consider: the production time for the end-user generally one month, the shipping cost is 30-60days, the installation time is 30-60days (we say the houses area is no more than 300square meters).

10). The decoration, we suggest you to do the decoration locally, as the different designs and different customs.

11). The after sales service, when the house is finished, you can do the test for the sound insulation, heat insulation, loading and others through your goverment testing dept. or a third part.