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The advantages of Steel Structure Buildings

Author:container house Date:2015/3/1 16:36:08
Compared with the steel structure residential system and traditional building system, there are the following advantages:

1. Easer for industrialized production Steel structure residential system is composed of prefabricated components (steel frame, fittings) and matching with the layered panels, doors and windows, partition walls etc., that meets the engineering characteristics of the industrialized production, on-site assembly.

2. Green Concept, energy saving. Less environmental damage and pollution, easy for alteration and demolition, most of the materials can be recycle. So the steel structure construction to achieve green building requirements, and the steel structure and its matching technology of lightweight materials (such as all kinds of light wallboard) with new material, meet the requirements of energy-saving building.

3. More Space Utilization Using light roof and wall structure, as its supporting steel structure is with high strength, there is less material need, the size of the materials can be smaller, and the weight is lighter… That is why there is much more space and the span can be much bigger. Flexible separation apartment layout indoor not set column to meet the residential building plane function; at the same time can improve the residential space utilization, sandwich, suitable for residential renovation vertical local cuoceng. Moreover, section of the desired component is small, in the same building area of the space utilization rate increase 5~8%.

4. Steel structure can be manufactured various shapes Therefore, to make the design more flexible, advanced, it can complete the characteristics of the architectural function and architectural art according to the designer's intention.

5. Light weight, small volume, good ductility The seismic performance of the steel structure housing is very good, on the analysis of earthquake damage, steel structure building construction - obviously better than the rigid of masonry structure and reinforced concrete frame structure. It is improved in American, Japan, and Taiwan earthquakes.

6. The foundation cost is saving Because the weight of steel structure residential building is light, base load was reduced accordingly; it is reducing the construction difficulty and cost of foundation engineering.

7. Short construction period, faster benefit of investment funds In addition to the base construction site civilization construction, all components of the standardized by professional plant production, fast speed of construction, the construction period is shortened half than the traditional architecture; the components arrived in the assembly, the construction site of civilization, wet operation less noise, dust and construction waste are small, meet the requirements of environmental protection; construction operations affected by weather and seasonal (can be made less in the steel plant in winter), and can be installed in parallel to the factory production and field, and even some standard residential system, can with the order, with the construction, greatly shorten the construction period and the capital occupation period.

8. Higher comprehensive benefit index Steel structure residential system of direct cost slightly higher than the concrete structure about 5%. But its economic benefit, social benefit is high, the real estate enterprises in fierce competition today, it is the embodiment of comprehensive strength of the real estate enterprises, to improve the enterprise product brands, enhance corporate social visibility has great influence.