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The advantages of the lyered structure wall of the light steel structure

Author:steelvilla Date:2014/4/25 12:54:40
The light steel structure system developed with long history, it is with the good performance and can offer many advanced solutions, it is  widely used for individual family house, multi-floor house, commercial buislings, public buildings and some industrial buildings. 

The light steel structure system increased the living area inside the house, improved the safety, enhanced comfort, accelerated the construction process, reduced the general cost.

The main components of the light steel structure house are wall system, flooring system and the roofing system holding by the light steel structure frames, the most popular types are 2-3 storeies villa. The structure of the wall, floor and roofing system are with the same concept: light steel structure connected by the special steel parts, covered by the gypsum panel inside and strucrual panel ( can be fiber cement or OSB panel ) outside and the finishing layer of house can be paiting, clading or artificial stone, the space between the two panels is fulled by the insulation materials to keep the house with very good heat insulation ablity. 

In conclusion, the outstanding performance of the light steel structure layed wall are: 

1. Adsorpting &  degradating of harmful gas since the better breathability.
2. Balancingthe indoor humidity as the interior panels and insulation material inside the structure can absorbed & release moisture to keep the air humidity between 38%-65%.
3. Moulproof & sterilize, as the good ari bearthability keeping the house dry.
4. Good soundproof, the soundwaves stricks the layers, there will be much resonance expends much of the neergy of the soundwaves, then the soft insulation materials between the structures canabsorpt the last sound as the waves exhaust the energy during the times strick in the bands.
5. Good heat insulation, the application of the special insulation materials makes the very low heat conductivity and the inner layer can keep the inside temprature through the heat exchange.
6. Fire proof: all layers are with fireproof materials, especially the structures.