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The comparison between the traditional house & the energy-saving house

Author:prefab homes Date:2014/2/25 22:27:17


Industrialized production

“Factory production + assembly on site”, the production and the foundation work can be done at the same time. But the foundation work is very easy and simple and most of them need no foundation.  

All the light steel structures and fittings for the light steel structure prefab houses are produced in the factory by the production lines. And all the layered panels like structural layer (panel), insulation layer (panel), decorative layer are ready before delivery.

Onsite work. It is 2/3 time more than the light steel structure prefab house system.


During the construction, the modular container houses can save 2/3 water than the traditional work and reduce the 99% construction and decoration waste.

The composite insulation wall with lower heating transfer, the house fairly mild in winter and rather cool in summer. The thermal insulation properties of a 200mm light steel structure composite wall for the light steel structure prefab houses are the same with the 610mm concrete & brick wall. It is about 32% energy saving than the traditional building.

High heating transfer, thermal insulation properties is not good, big energy consumption (4135Kwh).

Damp proof & air permeability

Integrated damp proof system with the layered wall, there is breath paper in the wall that makes the house with very good damp proof & air permeability, so we call the light steel structure prefab homes as “breathe house”.

The concrete and brick are all with bed damp proof & air permeability.


 As it is on the ground, few counterforces on it.

Light weight, big tenacity, cage construction with good integrity, there will be very little damage under seismic load.

Friable structure,there will be very bad damage under seismic load.

The panels for the wall and ceiling as well as the flooring are with very high fireproof performance.

The standard fireproof time of the light steel structure PREFAB HOUSE is 1.5 hours; there is enough time for escape. And it can be better fireproof if there is a special requirement.

Structure span

There are many modeling styles with the container units.

Can be big span with low cost, the structure can be many designs with different structural forms.

Many materials with hard work and high cost, no more styles.

The prevention of termites

After measures for the termite treatment can be exempted from termite infestation.

After measures for the termite treatment can be exempted from termite infestation.

There also need to do the termite treatment in the high incidence of termites.

Construction time

There will be half or more saving than the traditional building.

Very short assembly time (60-120days), few restricted conditions by natural conditions during the assembly of the light steel structure prefab house.

Many restricted conditions by nature, the building period is190-300 days.


The structure and the wall system of the container house including the interior and exterior decoration are all finished in the factory, there will be few work on site.

The structure, wall layers, flooring, roofing are all prefabricated in the factory.

Few prefabricated item used for the traditional construction.