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The comparison of the traditional building and the light steel structure building

Author:building Date:2014/5/23 1:06:49
So many people who want to build their houses want to use the prefabricated house method to build faster, stronger and more beautiful houses (homes). But also there are many worries from them…
Prefabricated home is not a new concept to 80% people, but 90% prefab houses are locally work, including the production, installation. Most of the users-to-be they worried about the work, how to assembly, who will pay the labor, how much will be cost, how long time needed, how much we can save than the traditional method…
We divided the building work into 6 steps: 1. the material preparing. 2. the material delivery. 3. the assembly(building) work. 4. the exterior finishing work (exterior decoration work). 5. the interior decoration work.
Traditional building
Prefab house(steelvilla)
1.       Finding the designer
2.       Negotiating with the designer and the builder.
3.       Paying the design separately.
1.       The supplier provide the design.
2.       The design is free.
material preparing
1.       Purchasing from many suppliers.
2.       Much material waste.
3.       High cost for retail.
4.       Raw materials to users.
1.       The supplier is the integrator of the materials resource.
2.       Preparing the materials is prefabricated work.
3.       Semi-finished house to users.
material delivery
1.       Very difficult to delivery from each material supplier.
2.       High delivery cost.
3.       Time is not unified.
1.       All the materials from one supplier.
2.       Efficient delivery solution.
3.       Easy to receive.
assembly(building) work
1.       Slow and difficult work.
2.       Heavy and hard work.
3.       Much labor needed.
4.       Long time work.
5.       Difficult to rework.
6.       Many types of (heavy) equipment needed.
7.       Water/electricity waste.
8.       Much pollution.
1.       Fast easy and light work.
2.       Less labor needed.
3.       Short time to finish.
4.       Easy to amend.
5.       Small, light and few tools needed.
6.       No water needed.
7.       No pollution, no waste.
exterior finishing work
1.       Traditional cement and painting or ceramic tile.
2.       Less new materials can be used.
1.       Can be traditional way.
2.       Can be finished with the new green materials, like WPC decking, Alu. Insulation panel…
interior decoration work
1.       Traditional way to decorate.
2.       Hard work on the cement and brick.
1.       Can be traditional decoration work and finishing.
2.       Many new materials can be used.
3.       Easy work on the layered structure.