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The definition, classification and application of the steel structure

Author:prefab house Date:2014/2/18 12:55:34
The Lower Stories  Steel Structure System
Portal Frame
The portal frame system is a complex with the frame, the girder and the correlative sections. It is the bearing skeleton system with the rigid connection by the beams and girders. It is one floor system, with the single, double or multiple spans. The distance between two spans is from 9m to 36m, the beams distance is 6m generally; the height is 4.5m – 9m.          
For single floor industrial buildings (with crane or not) and other public buildings and nowadays it widely used for prefab high-rise residential buildings.
The welding H beam and the color steel sheet.
The “C” or “U” steel system
The system is assembled by the thin galvanized C”or “U” profiles steel beam, by the designs and make them to be beams and girders.
For under 3 floors prefabricated residential buildings.
C and U cold forming sectional steel joist
Web Steel Structure System
It is a advanced light steel structure prefabricated building system. The structure is made by steel tube and special “V” sections.
For under 6 floors residential buildings, the industrial buildings and the public buildings, steel villas and all the prefab homes and prefab houses, workshops, and other prefab building systems built by the prefab building system.
Galvanized steel tube and “V” sections
Multi-Stories Steel Structure System
Steel Shell frame Structure System
It is similar to the concrete framing system; the frames are steel structure but not the concrete. Since the high strength and strong stiffness of the steel, the steel structure is taken much less space and can be very big span.
For 4-6 stories buildings.
H steel frame and H steel girder.
Tall and super-tall steel structure system
Framing- support system
To remedy the limitation of the steel frame system on the weak lateral rigidity and improve seismic resistance on horizontal load and reduce the moving between the layers, we can add some supports between the beams and the girders with different styles like Cross, triangle. There are middle support system and the acentric support system.
For under 35-40 floors building.
H beams
Framing- shear wall system
Shear wall system is based on the framing system, it is along with the beam axis, lengthwayscrosswise or slant. It is for the resist of the horizontal load. The shear wall can be reinforced concrete and the steel.
It is for the high-rise building.
H beams and the shear wall
Framing- core tube system
Shear wall system is based on the steel structure framing system; there is a closed space by the walls in or near the center. Usually it is for elevator rooms, stair rooms and washing rooms.  The structural system of steel with high intensity, light quality, fast construction speed and the high compressive strength of concrete, the advantages of good fireproof performance, large lateral stiffness organically.
For high-rise or supper high buildings
H beams and concrete system