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The installation work

Author:prefab home Date:2013/11/8 13:03:16
There are four conditions before installation:

1). When the materials are on site after transport.

2). The foundation is ready by the detailed requirements and drawing from us.

3). The working team is ready, generally, 8-12 workers. We will send the schedule and members of workers for each installation craft.

4). The simple tools are ready which are on the TOOL LIST  we sent.

The speed of installation:

5). Take an example of a 300 sq.m prefab house.

 The first day  The third day  The fifth day
 The seventh day  The ninth day  The eleventh day
 The thirteenth day  The fifteenth day  The twentieth day

The first day, we connected the channel steel with the ready cement foundation, then assemble the ground floor structure and the second day, we finished the floor structure and pave the floor panel.

The third day, we started to install the structure of first floor and the roof, meanwhile we fixed the bevel steel belts on the both side of all the wall.

The fifth day, we started to install the structural board of exterior wall.

The seventh day, we started to assemble the electricity system and water system, at the same time, putting the insulation material in the structure.

The ninth day, we started to close the interior walls and finished them in two days.

The eleventh day, we started to do the insulation and waterproofing outside of the exterior wall and all the primary stage works are finished and final working repairs of the stage.

The thirteenth day, we started to hung the decoration board on the exterior wall.

The fifteenth day, the ceiling work inside was started.

The twentieth day, we started to install the windows and doors.

The last ten days for the decoration as the same process of the traditional house.