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The light steel structure wall for the nonbearing wall of the concrete construction

Author:light steel structure wall Date:2014/5/4 21:45:09
In Euro, under the pushing o f energy-efficiency code, the concrete structure with light steel structure partition wall system is widly used for a long time. It is used for the highrise building up to 14 floors.

The advantages of the light steel structure wall are: 
1. Energy saving: the insulation on sundproof, heat proof are better than the traditional ones. 
2. Fireproof:  steel structure can not burn.
3. Space-saving: thinner wall, at least 2% space-saving.
4. Fast production: all the parts are prefabricated in the factory by the production line, more labor saving, faster than the traditional way.
5. Light self-weight: much lighter than the traditional wall, it can save much cost on the foundation.
6. Earthquake proof: light weight, strong structure can against more than 9 grate earthquake.