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Tips for picking the container houses

Author:container house Date:2014/7/8 19:00:08
When we say “container house”, there are three productions can be called: 1. Mostly is the box house with the 20 feet or 40 feet sea shipping container size but made by sandwich panel and steel frame. 2. The modified sea shipping containers. 3. Other box houses. When you purchasing the houses, please compare with others by bellowing items:
1.       Sandwich penal with steel frame:
a.       The sandwich panel:
The thickness of the both side steel sheet, there are many pitfalls on the “reasonable error” on the thickness of the color steel sheet, do not included the thickness of the painting layers.
The material of the insulation layer between the two layers of color steel sheet, there are two materials in general rock wool and the EPS, rockwool ones better and EPS ones cheaper. PU is the best.
The thickness of the insulation materials and the density, they are very important to judge the quality and cost.
There should be laminated to the sandwich panels to protect the surface.
b.       Structure
The materials for the structure used for the container houses are Q235 steel. But it is enough for a small container house.
The painting, most of the suppliers does not do any rust-proof treatment before painting, that will makes the structure rust after one or two years, and few container house suppliers do any fire proof treatment.
The size and thickness of the steel structure is also important since some weak house can not last long time, let alone to make piling building to three floor or higher.
The corner fittings, if that is not the standard, maybe it is too weak to hang the container house.
c.       Interior and exterior finishing, the standard finishing is sandwich panel, and some finished the interior finishing with gypsum panel or decorative panel to make the house more residential. The floor finishing is always plastic floor.
2.       Modified sea shipping containers:
a.       The sea shipping container is new or not, almost suppliers use the second-hand containers to reduce the cost.
b.       How is the insulation, many suppliers add the insulation materials inside and put one more gypsum board or other decorative panel as finishing, this way makes the space inside much more smaller.
c.       The ceiling is gypsum or decorative panel as the wall with insulation between the spaces. The floor mostly finished by plastic or few with composite floor.
3.       Other box house
a.       They are not the container house, but some with the same materials with the sandwich panel and steel frame only with different size of that. Or they add one more layer of decorative materials, to looks better.
b.       Some high end box house, the structure is galvanized steel with good layout. The Wall and roofing system are same as the light steel structure prefab villa, with structural panel, water proof layer, insulation layer and both interior and exterior panel and cladding.
c.       Some other high end box house with very strong structure and the insulation is good and the interior and exterior are finishing by the same way and materials like the certain wall. Very strong and luxury.