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Websteel system introduction

Author:villa Date:2014/7/13 19:40:39

WEBSTEEL building system originates from Canada, which has been applied in many countries of North America for 19 years. Currently, it is the only technology which can adopt 100% cold-formed thin-walled steel to construct the building with 6 stories, and it is especially suitable for the prefab house as single villa, as beach house, holiday house and residential house. 

The main body of building member for this technology system is miniature bridge frame which is composed of light thin wall square tube (rectangle tube) undergoing galvanization cold-formed high-frequency welding and triangular V-shaped connector. This bridge frame may be adopted for building beam, wall, floor, as well as roof. In a word, miniature bridge frame adopting this rectangular tube structure may be adopted as all kinds of light steel structure prefab houses in building houses, and all the building members above are manufactured in the factory which are then transported to construction field for performing installation of major structure. Then internal and external wall plate and tectiform timber are laid. Meanwhile vacant spaces of wall, floor plate and roof bridge frame are filled with thermal insulation, sound insulating materials.