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What is the affordable house?

Author:affordable house Date:2013/11/8 11:55:18
 Affordable house generally called economic house or someone calls economical house. It is a type of house commonly used for living as home or dormitory, some used for office or holiday house and others. By style, there are North American Style (American style, Canadian style), European Style (Eastern Mediterranean style, French Style, German style, British style, Italian style, Spanish style and Russian style), South East Asian style (Chinese traditional style, Japanese style, Singapore style, Thailand style, and Indian style), Middle East Style (Muslim style) and Modern style.

By cost, we divided the styles into three classifications, affordable system, standard system, Luxury system, because almost clients focus on the cost. But there is not clear and strict boundary between them.

The key points of differences: 1). the technical data on the heat insulation, sound proof, earthquake proof, structure loading and others. 2). the finishing on both exterior and interior design and requirements, with the simple working process and cheap material options or exquisite working process and luxury material options. 3). the standard, the very strict standards, the high standards means all the materials should pass the strict test with the authoritative and approved testing reports, that will cost all the process cost higher. 4). the end-user, for middle and low incoming people or for temporary application.

In general, the affordable house we defined as: the house which is with simple finishing both interior and exterior, with reasonably and adequate in standard, the end-user is middle incoming people or low incoming people, the functions are for social rented and intermediate housing provided by the government or charity organization or some households buy for themselves to meet there basic life needs.