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Author:prefab home Date:2013/11/8 11:39:17
As an end user, steel villa can offer you a comfortable home, with very fast installation speed, you will wonder at this technology to bring the good life. It is not very complicated,since we had done almost work in the factory, the work you should do is only installation work, like buying the IKEA furniture or like the game building blocks. Yes, it is fun, but anyway, you need some technician and labor to do the refab house installation work.

As a developer, when you meet steel villa that means you get a very good opportunity to start a good business, this system can build up to 6 floor prefabricated house with only cold formed light steel structure, easy and fast installation, it can save you much cost on time and labor as well as the land, since it can save more land but with better performance than the traditional buildings. Also it can save you much cost on equipments and machinery; it needs only the mini tools.

As the government, steel villa provides all kinds of the apartments for civil servant, teachers, and others; the affordable houses for the residents, refugee house, fast-speed disaster rebuilding, as well as the public buildings like: school, hospital and other buildings.

As an agent, when you see steelvilla’s production and building system, there will come an idea: to be an agent, can make much money easier without any cost. Yes, it is easy to work with us, two ways, one way is agent any where any time, the other way is to be the exclusive agency in somewhere within some period. Also there are two ways to get money, one way is the constant commission from us, the other way is buying from us and you sell it with you price.
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As a boss, we can provide you the office buildings; commercial buildings, like the hotel, restaurant; the industry buildings, like the workshop, warehouse; the labor apartment with very low cost, but good quality; it is easy & fast also can be movable & re-used. You can start your business within a surprising speed to make money as soon as possible.

As a technical sales, it is very good production, as you are a technician, you can understand the technology fast & well, then you can explan to your customers clearly from the technical advantages, convince your customers to buy it without any doubt.